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Marshawn Lynch To Wear New Beastmode Eye-Black

We already know Marshawn Lynch fully embraces his Beastmode persona. When he steps on the field, it's Beastmode time. His mentality at the running back spot is to run over and through opposing defenses, taking defenders head-up and trying to pound them into the ground. It's why we love him, and how he created the Beastquake -- a run that will likely live-on forever in Seahawks lore.

Now, Lynch is taking his Beastmode persona a little further, donning specially designed eye-black this coming season.


H/T Darren Rovell

This is simply fantastic. The specially designed shape, the fangs, the green coloring and even the subtle accents all make this one of the cooler eye-black designs I've seen. And it's totally Lynch, or Beastmode, too.

It may just be me, but I feel like donning the eye-black patches myself, running around and head-butting walls everywhere I go. Hopefully Lynch will feel the same way this coming season as he takes the field for the Seahawks. Here's to more earthquake-inducing runs.