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2011 NFL Free Agents: Ryan Sims To Sign With Seattle Seahawks, According To Report

Ryan Sims is back! Remember the top 10 draft pick from 2002 who turned out to be a colossal failure for both the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Bucs? That Ryan Sims fanclub was all filled up once upon a time, but things are no longer the way they once were.

I know you've all been wondering where exactly Ryan Sims ran off to. Would you believe me when I said UFL and the Virginia Destroyers? I thought only Ulysses S. Grant could ravage the Old Dominion State, but apparently they decided to give a football team the powers of Siva. Proud

So anyway, Sims is back with the Seattle Seahawks according to Jason La Canfora of, presumably to play football for a month, get battered by players who are better than him, and then disappear back into the abyss of free agency. If he somehow does make the roster, it will be because he has wisdom and veteran leadership and knows what it takes to get there. Whereever there he is, he knows how to get there. That's what the Seahawks need.

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