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Justin Forsett Makes Music Video For One-Year Wedding Anniversary

I had no idea Justin Forsett had a hidden talent, but he unveiled it for his one-year wedding anniversary. Forsett created an R&B song and music video for his wife, Angela Forsett. The video features Forsett, naturally, and a few of his Seattle Seahawks teammates, including Cameron Morrah, Deon Butler and Roy Lewis. And yes, the Seahawks teammates play the role of back-up dancers and singers, in a way. It's a true team bonding experience.

Typically, athlete music videos are prime ridicule material, but I can't even hate on Forsett. In fact, it's a cool idea, and a unique anniversary present for his wife. Instead of jewelry or something material, Forsett went the heart-felt route, and put some real effort into the song and video.

After the jump, Justin Forsett's L.O.V.E video.

Via Avinash Kunnath at California Golden Blogs

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