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NFL Free Agency: Leroy Hill Signed By Seattle Seahawks After Will Herring Leaves

It has been a wild last couple of days for the Seattle Seahawks. 

From John Clayton's tweet earlier:

The Seahawks didn't originally plan to re-sign Leroy Hill but they needed him after losing Will Herring to NO

Seattle did not plan on losing Herring, but New Orleans swooped in and signed the linebacker quickly and before a separate offer could be made. Hill's best days are likely behind him, but he is capable of contributing to a defensive unit that needed some touch up after recent departures.

Hill likely wasn't the first choice, though he does have a lot of history with the organization. The linebacker had some solid seasons from 2005-2008 as a starter and has played on-and-off since then. Injuries have been a concern, as have a few off the field issues, but hopefully the veteran will be able to leave these distractions behind him and put together a solid season in 2012 and beyond.