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2011 Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Schedule

Want to get in on the Seahawks Training Camp action? Well, if you didn't already know - some of the practices are open to the public and for five measly dollars you can watch your favorite players run around really fast and catch footballs and guard each other and chest bump and do that new thing that's like a high five but instead you just jump up and touch bodies, usually your shoulders or sides, in mid air. You can see all this in the flesh (they're not naked... that's just an expression that means you can see them in real life).

Also, you may be able to get some autographs and talk to Pete Carroll and see his khakis in real life, if you're lucky.

Here's a look at the dates available. You can register here for individual practices so don't wait. Before you know it, they'll be sold out (I'm not actually sure they sell out, but you shouldn't test your luck). Here are the dates and times open to the public:

Saturday, July 30th: 9:00am, 4:00 pm

Sunday, July 31st: 1:30pm

Monday, August 1st: 9:00am

Tuesday, August 2nd: 1:30pm

Thursday, August 4th: 9:00am

Friday, August 5th: 1:30pm

Saturday, August 6th: 9:00am, 4:00pm

Monday, August 8th: 1:30pm

Tuesday, August 9th: 1:30pm

Saturday, August 13th: 1:30pm

Sunday, August 14th, 1:30pm

Monday, August 15th: 1:30pm

Wednesday, August 17th: 1:30pm

Get after it, Twelves! Go show your support.