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2011 NFL Free Agency: Seahawks Resign Veteran LB Leroy Hill

Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks braintrust have been making some big moves this week in terms of their roster, but also have made a number of smaller but very notably moves as well; like the resigning of veteran linebacker Leroy Hill. 

The market for his services was fleeting at best, so the 'Hawks took a chance and resigned him again.Hill was a starter for Seattle from 2005-2008, then was unfortunately arrested on a marijuana charge in February of 2009. The Seahawks still designated Hill wit a franchise tag soon after that, but after taking Aaron Curry as the fourth overall pick in the 2009, Seattle revoked the franchise tag previously given to him and signed him to a six-year, $36 million extension instead.

Injuries and off the field issues have follow Hill around in his career; he missed five games due to injury in 2009 with career-low numbers in tackles (46) and sacks (1). He was arrested again on domestic violence charges in April 2010, although his charges may be dismissed if he meets certain court-ordered requisites. Seattle once again restructured his contract in August 2010, essentially removing the final four years of the deal. A one-game suspension to start the 2010 season would be the football punishment for his arrest in Georgia, but unfortunately injured his Achilles' in Week 2 against the Denver Broncos, the only game Hill would appear in 2010 before being put on ice the rest of the year.

Hill is still a valuable LB in this league, even if he isn't a regular in their defensive rotations. I think he will see a good amount of playing time in 2011 as long as he keeps his personal life from interfering and can stay away from the injury bug. 

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