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Seattle Seahawks Training Camp: Tom Cable Makes Early Impression

Back before Tom Cable became Al Davis's hand-picked head coach for the Oakland Raiders in 2008, he had the fine distinction of being one of the hardest-working offensive line coaches in the game. He had spent three years in the NFL with the Raiders and the Falcons as an O-line coach, and another decade in college at stops like Cal, Colorado and UCLA. The offensive line in Oakland had made massive strides before he was relieved of command this past winter, and even though Cable wasn't the coach of that group anymore (those duties fell to now-Cal OL coach Jim Michalczik), you had to figure he had something to do with its development.

Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders tweets that Cable has always been considered an intense and detailed teacher by Raiders players, and that he observes those qualities in him during the first day of practice. He'll have his work cut out for him in Seattle--the offensive line rates as one of the most inexperienced and inconsistent in the league, and they'll need to get whipped to shape in less than a month.

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