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NFL Trade Rumors: Kevin Kolb To Arizona Cardinals Almost Done, According To Report

At one time, the Seattle Seahawks were in on the Kevin Kolb trade sweepstakes. But Seattle peeled off, instead opting to go cheap by bringing in Tarvaris Jackson as a stop-gap to compete with Charlie Whitehurst for the starting quarterback job. And while the Seahawks may still go get another quarterback during the free agency period, that quarterback will not be Kevin Kolb.

According to ESPN's John Clayton, a deal that would send Kolb from Philadelphia to Arizona is almost complete. The Cardinals are reportedly giving up quite the haul, sending Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a draft pick to the Eagles for Kolb.

Breaking news. The Kevin Kolb trade is close to being completed. DR Cromatrie and a draft choice expected. Details coming as we get them

Arizona will also have to renegotiate Kolb's contract, and the price is expected to be high. All things considered, it was probably wise of Seattle to back off. Overpaying for Kolb, both in the trade market and in contract negotiations, would take a big chunk of the Seahawks free agency money, not to mention the pieces Seattle would need to give up to acquire Kolb.

Check out the full league year schedule here. We'll be back with more on the Seahawks trade rumors in this StoryStream. For even more Seahawks news and notes, head over to Field Gulls.