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Wes Byrum Signs With Seattle Seahawks As Undrafted Free Agent

Seattle Seahawk fans can check another need off of their list as former Auburn University place kicker Wes Byrum has reportedly signed with the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free agent on Thursday, according to his agent.

Byrum is obviously a backup to Olindo Mare, but unlike Mare can join camp ASAP as an undrafted free agent while Mare has to wait until Friday. Byrum is in the top-5 all-time in several categories for kickers at Auburn, such as fourth all-time in field goal percentage (74.1%). He is known as a clutch kicker with above average accuracy, but has been knocked for his lack of range/distance on some of his kicks and has a tendency to struggle on kickoffs and long distance field goals. 

The new kickoff rules may help him a bit with them being pushed up 10 yards, but I'd foresee him being strictly a backup if and when Mare can't go due to injury or simply isn't getting the job done. 

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