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NFL Free Agency 2011: Brandon Mebane Courted By Seahawks, Broncos, Others

With the free agency market growing smaller by the hour, many a NFL team is searching for quality players and in a hurry. As is the case with defensive tackle Brandon Mebane, who is being pursued by the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints and possibly others according to sources

The free agent Mabane had discussions with the Seahawks on Wednesday about trying to keep him in Seattle long term, and with other DT's being swooped up in Barry Cofield to the Giants and Charles Johnson to the Panthers, the pickings are starting to get slimmer for high caliber defensive lineman. 

Both the Broncos and Saints are in need of a DT as well, especially Denver, as they have been the most agressive team besides the 'Hawks to enlist his services. But things could get "expensive" with Mebane before it's all said and done because the lack of quality options will undoubtedly drive up the price to acquire him.

Mebane lives in the Seattle area and might prefer to be retained by the Seahawks, but would have to have a deal structured that would fit under their salary cap with the pricy additions of Robert Gallery and Sidney Rice to their squad. He could give the 'Hawks a hometown deal, but very likely could look for a bigger salary elsewhere. It should be an interesting negotiation process as Brandon makes a decision on where to go.