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Matt Hasselbeck 'Disappointed' Seattle Seahawks Chose Not To Re-Sign Him

Former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's brother, ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, hopped on the airwaves with 710 ESPN just moments after news broke indicating Tarvaris Jackson signed with Seattle to lend some insight into the situation. Hasselbeck said his brother had not heard from the Seahawks on Tuesday until the very end, when head coach Pete Carroll and John Schneider called to let him know the team was going in a different direction. He was emotional, his brother said, and seemed to be disappointed in the situation, which is part of the business in the NFL.

Tim Hasselbeck was surprised about how the whole deal went down, and said Hasselbeck had been fielding calls from teams all day. The Seahawks, however, were not one of those teams.

"I was definitely surprised. Really the way it went down was I had been kinda talking with him throughout the day, just trying to get some information to see what was happening. Matthew has been talking to me about teams who had been contacting him throughout the day and there were a lot of teams. The Seahawks weren't one of those teams."

He did say Hasselbeck was very appreciative of the Seahawks front office calling to inform him that they planned to go in a different direction

"Pete Carroll and John Schneider called Matthew -- the first time they've called him all day -- and said, "Hey listen, we appreciate all you've done for the organization, but we're gonna go in a different direction." He was really appreciative that Pete and John extended that courtesy and called him, but without a doubt a lot of disappointment in his voice. He wanted to remain a Seahawk and finish his career, but it's not gonna happen. It's part of the deal."

As for what's next, Tim Hasselbeck floated the same names that have been tied to his brother all day. He's heard from the Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins, Hasselbeck said on 710.

"In some ways, it's not really any different than it's been before, other than taking Seattle out of the mix. The Tennessee Titans are still very interested. The situation in Arizona is a little more fluid than anyone's realizing. The Cardinals now know the Seahawks are out of the Kevin Kolb game. The Miami Dolphins, San Francisco are also in the mix. For Matthew, there's still gonna be options, but this probably was a little bit surprising."

Tim Hasselbeck isn't too bullish on the Seahawks quarterback situation or Tarvaris Jackson, who agreed to terms with the Seahawks earlier on Tuesday.

"I don't know that there was another team out there that was going to give him a chance to compete for a starting job. I would think they would have to hold a pretty open competition between the guys on the roster."

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