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Carson Palmer Reportedly Retires; Cincinnati Bengals Play Hardball

Carson Palmer is serious about wanting out of Cincinnati and has reportedly retired to get his wish. Palmer has been adamant that last season was his final season with the Bengals, going so far as to threaten retirement if Cincinnati refused to trade him. Owner Mike Brown has been steadfast in his assertion that Palmer will not be traded, with everything coming to a head on Tuesday morning, the first day teams can negotiate with free agents and make trades.

Brown told reporters that Palmer has retired this morning in what's become a high-stakes game of chicken between the two sides.

"He has retired. I wish him well," Brown said, via Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. "If he is going to walk away from his commitment, we're not going to reward it."

But has he actually retired? Odds are this is a ploy to force the Bengals hand. If Cincinnati were to trade Palmer, the team would at least get something in return for his services. There are potential suitors for the veteran quarterback, including the Seattle Seahawks, and the Bengals should be able to acquire a draft pick, at the very least.

Palmer has enough money to ride off into the sunset, so there's nothing keeping him in uniform, either with the Bengals are elsewhere. But this game is just beginning and a lot can change with Palmer in the next few weeks.

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