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Tim Hasselbeck Thinks Matt Hasselbeck Is An Amazing Free Agent

The Matt Hasselbeck Public Relations Tour Presented By Tim Hasselbeck And ESPN rolled on this afternoon, and it was about as hilarious as it sounds. If you've been living under a rock for the last few months, Tim Hasselbeck has happily taken every opportunity to stump for his brother, calling him a marquee free agent while suggesting teams he should play for, all done under the ESPN banner as an analyst. Impartiality is alive and well, ladies and gentleman.

It's been funny and hard to take seriously, but Hasselbeck took his media blitz to laughable levels on Monday when naming the top free agents in 2011. On SportsCenter, in the midst of wall-to-wall NFL coverage, Tim Hasselbeck had this to say (via Flubby):

On SportsCenter, Tim Hasselbeck just ranked Matt Hasselback the #4 free agent. loooool #espn

I'm not sure if Tim will be getting a cut of Matt's contract, but he should be able to secure a typical agent salary at this rate. For a man who says he's more critical of his brother to avoid accusations of impartiality, his evaluation sure seems a bit slanted. Perhaps next time Hasselbeck should abstain from answering next time.