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NFL Free Agents 2011: Unrestricted Free Agent List For Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks have a serious list of undrafted free agents to deal with as the 2011 free agency period opens. It's both a gift and a curse for the Seahawks, who will have money to spend in free agency, but also have a significant number of holes to fill at all-important positions. Among the free agents, Matt Hasselbeck immediately jumps off the page, along with numerous other key contributors from the 2010 team. Free agency is going to be a bumpy ride, and handling the unrestricted free agents will be a big role of the shortened period.

ESPN has compiled a list of all unrestricted free agents, broken down by team. For the Seahawks, the list is lengthy, and doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the current roster of players under contract. Nevertheless, this is the starting point for the Seahawks as the no-holds-barred free agency period begins.

Player Position Accrued Seasons
Milloy, Lawyer S 15
Mare, Olindo P/K 14
Hasselbeck, Matt QB 12
Stokley, Brandon WR 12
Brock, Raheem DE 9
Pitts, Chester OL 9
Babineaux, Jordan S 7
Locklear, Sean OL 7
Terrill, Craig DT 7
Hill, Leroy LB 6
Losman, J.P. QB 6
McCoy, Matt LB 6
Spencer, Chris OL 6
Willis, Ray OL 6
Gordon, Amon DT 5
Jennings, Kelly CB 5
Martin, Ruvell WR 5
Robinson, Michael RB 5
Herring, Will LB 4
Mebane, Brandon DT 4
Richardson, Jay DE 4
Siavii, Junior DT 4


Teams can begin to negotiate with free agents on Tuesday, if the tentative free agency schedule is correct. On Friday, teams can begin to submit transactions and contracts to the league.

For the latest on free agency, including players to watch and Seahawks transactions, stay with this StoryStream. For full coverage of the Seahawks free agency moves, head over to Field Gulls.