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Mike Williams Not A Fan Of USC Running Back Marc Tyler

USC running back Marc Tyler clearly made a fool of himself over the weekend, appearing on TMZ outside of a club and, apparently, drunk. It's not a good look for a running back with two pending conduct board cases involving alcohol, and was compounded by his statements about USC. In his scatter-brained "interview" he said, "USC ... they breaking bread," implying the Trojans were paying players.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams had a few thoughts on the situation, and tweeted them out on Thursday. He clearly didn't pull any punches, and admonished Tyler repeatedly on the social media network.

This USC kid on tmz is clearly a dumbass who doesn't deserve to follow in the footsteps of the great Trojan RBs before him. And I'm only goin off on the kid bc I kno coach Kiffin and the staff have hit home on how to handle the media w/ the team. And furthermore, if ur the starting RB at USC, a school w/ S0 much attention already, why are you out drunk and on camera???

On an unrelated note, he added this:

Seahawks fan or not, u diss USC and I'm blocking yo bitch ass

Do as I say, not as I do, Seahawks fans.