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NFL Lockout Meetings Produce Hope, Possible Agreement Draft

After a marathon day of NFL lockout meetings on Thursday and another short meeting on Friday, the players and owners may have finally come to some kind of agreement, though it's tough to tell whether the end is near. The lockout talks hit a snag earlier this week when revenue sharing proposals rubbed the players the wrong way, according to a report on Thursday. But the two sides kept at it, meeting well into the night on Thursday during a day of meetings that totaled 15 hours.

Now we have word lawyers are working up a proposal to present to the NFLPA. Though no formal meetings are scheduled until Tuesday in New York, after the holiday weekend, work on a collective bargaining agreement is still ongoing. According to NFL PR man Greg Aiello, a draft of an agreement is in the works on Saturday.

Lawyers are drafting language for potential agreement, sharing it with PA. All kinds of phone, email exchanges going on. Work continues.less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

This, of course, is a positive sign. If the NFL sees it fit to draft an actual, formal agreement, it could mean talks are coming to a close and the lockout may be nearing the finish line. But, again, nothing is concrete until an agreement is finalized and voted on, and the negotiations are still in a critical phase.

Hope floats in the NFL lockout talks, and fans are holding out hope the work stoppage comes to an end sooner rather than later. Saturday's news should breed hope that the lockout is near an end, though, and football may still get underway without losing any games.

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