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ESPN Calls Arrowhead Toughest Stadium In NFL, Ignores Qwest Field, 12th Man

Ranking NFL stadiums is a subjective exercise, but we have qualms with the process ESPN used to choose the toughest stadium for opponents. On NFL Live, Marcellus Wiley and Mark Schlereth formed a consensus, choosing Arrowhead Stadium as the toughest place to play in the NFL. But, as we said, it's subjective, and there are a few issues with having those two choose the toughest place to play.

First, the video, over on Youtube and courtesy of ESPN.

Schlereth and Wiley have each been out of the game for quite some time. They weren't around to get the full taste of Qwest Field and the roar of the 12th Man. And since Schlereth and Wiley are basing their choices off personal experience, this is a problem.

Additionally, the two come with a heavy AFC West bias. Schlereth finished his career with the Denver Broncos, a hated rival of the Kansas City Chiefs. His experience, and the experience of the rivalry, shape his choices. Wiley saw his most success with the San Diego Chargers, though he bounced around and became a bit of a journeyman. For the first time ever, can we play the AFC West bias card?

I do agree that Arrowhead is a tough place to play. Like the 12th Man, they take pride in their stadium and influence on the game -- Arrowhead Pride if you will. But like Wiley and Schlereth, I hold my own bias, and happen to think the 12th Man and the ridiculous amount of false starts they create make Qwest Field the toughest place to play in the NFL.

The numbers don't lie.