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Qwest Field Officially Re-Named CenturyLink Field, Hilarity Ensues

Seahawks and Sounders fans may have noticed that the stadium formerly known as Qwest Field has been officially minted CenturyLink Field and the new logo was unveiled today via a live webcast press conference that 7 people watched because CSPAN was at commercial. 

It's a corporately named stadium.. or field.. or whatever, and people will object to the new name. Because, it's a stupid name. But, that being said, it could be a lot worse. Which, without shamelessly plugging my Twitter account, I brought up with a fun hashtag battle (?) today over the world wide web entitled #ThingsThatCouldBeWorseThanCenturyLink. I started it off with Vagisil Field and it degenerated from there. But it was pretty funny. 

I'm proud to say that legendary Seahawk Walter Jones took part in the shenanigans and 'won' with 'The House That Walt Builded,' also known as Walter Jones Field. 

Also, I realize that the point of the contest... or, conversation, or whatever it is you're doing when you write stuff with a hashtag, was to name WORSE stadium names than CenturyLink but Walter Jones won because he's Walter Jones and we really should name it Walter Jones Field. He's the greatest Seahawk, and probably greatest left tackle, of all time. 

Here are a few of my favorites... but there were a LOT of them so take a look at the phenomenon yourself: