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Charlie Whitehurst's Presence At Seattle Seahawks NFL Lockout Workouts Is Encouraging

A large amount of Seattle Seahawks players have been working together in an informal setting on the campus of the University of Washington for the last two months, and as many as 40 players were in attendance this week. The workouts have been necessary due to the NFL lockout, which bars players from using team facilities for typical offseason workouts and activities. And while the workouts may not be much more than a bonding activity, it is important to note which players are showing up, organizing the training sessions and taking an active leadership role in the process.

Danny Kelly, of SB Nation's Field Gulls, added his opinion of the Seahawks' informal workouts at Dempsey Indoor, noting the importance of backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst's presence. The Seahawks clipboard man had been singled-out for what was perceived as an apathetic attitude this offseason by John Clayton, but it appears Whitehurst is working to take a more active role in the team activities.

While it seems more likely lately that Hasselbeck will be back in Seattle in 2011, for all Charlie Whitehurst knows, the starting quarterback job is his this season so he's not endearing himself to many fans (or possibly coaches) by being so hands-off and seemingly aloof to leading this team. While we outsiders don't really know how vocal he's been or who really did organize this workout, it's good to see he's in town and hopefully he's here in Seattle to stay until the season (or at least will start to organize and participate in some more workouts every couple of weeks).

Justin Forsett also deserves a solid pat on the back for doing the legwork to organize the workouts, which have seen a steady increase in attendance since they began. Forsett began calling, emailing and texting the rest of the team while putting together a plan and schedule. With almost all of the team in attendance, it's safe to say his efforts were successful.

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