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Former Seahawk, Free Agent Raheem Brock Arrested for Skipping Out on $27 Bar Tab

The latest to NFL player to find himself in trouble with the law is former Seahawk DE Raheem Brock. Brock is currently a free agent and many believe he'll be brought back for an encore year here once free agents are allowed to sign with NFL teams. Though this legal speed bump appears to be quite minor, it can't help Brock's ability to demand a big contract coming off a 9 sack season with the Seahawks

MyfoxPhilly reported the incident, in which Brock and a female companion were arrested for leaving a Philadelphia restaurant, the Copacabana, without paying their $27 bar tab. He has been charged with theft of services and resisting arrest. 

With the NFL Lockout nearing it's 100th day, more and more players have found themselves in trouble with the law. Recent reports have alluded to the idea that an agreement will soon be reached, but news this morning points to the fact that there are several owners causing a stink about the proposed settlement and may hinder the ability to resolve this stalemate.

If that's the case, we can expect more of this type of news and not more interesting things like free agency and training camp's story on the subject, in case you are really, really bored during the lockout and care about things like this, states that the server at the Copacabana pointed out:

"It wasn't even (Brock) that was the issue. It was the female he was with, getting angry and wanting to leave. The female was mad (because) she wanted something that wasn't on the menu. So she went across the street and got something from another restaurant."

When a manager told her she couldn't bring food from another restaurant inside the Copacabana, the woman became further enraged and Brock and his friends were ultimately asked to leave.

"She got a little colorful and a little angry with me, I told my manager that she refuses to wrap it up and refuses to (stop) eating."