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Seattle Seahawks' WR Kris Durham Can Jump Over His Mother

I think it's safe to say that Seattle Seahawk Kris Durham is athletic. This was pretty obvious after seeing his 4.42 forty time, 36" vertical jump, 10'01" broad jump and 6.89 3-cone drill while considering this is all coming from a guy that's 6'5, 215 pounds.

If you needed further proof though, Seahawks' GM John Schneider presented us with another example of said athleticm, - and I should note, is very well presented and color printed on hardstock paper-: photographic proof that Kris Durham can jump over his mother. 


Said Schneider, "We do like tall wide receivers; Of course it had nothing to do with his height, his athleticism, his hands. It was basically all about the fact that he was able to jump over his mother."

Now, I'm not exactly sure whether John Schneider is joking or not when he says Durham's mother is 6'2, but either way it's a pretty impressive feat. Check out the video as presented over at for more on Kris Durham's mother-jumping athleticism. (Did you see what I did there?)

I had the opportunity to catch up with Durham a few weeks ago so check that out for some more information on the Seahawks' draftee. 

Edit: Here's the full-sized photo.