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Mike Williams Skeptical Of Osama Bin Laden Death After Decision To Not Release Photos

Mike Williams, apparently unhappy with President Obama's decision to not release death photos of Osama bin Laden, took to Twitter on Wednesday to voice his skepticism. Because there are no publicly available pictures, Williams is hesitant to believe the stories, thus questioning whether bin Laden is even dead. Immediately, Williams saw his followers push back as he faced numerous responses filled with criticism.

Here are the tweets, compiled together into one handy paragraph.

News says Obama has decided against releasing the photos of a dead Bin Laden. Ok, so I can watch the hanging of Saddam.. But not see a pic of a dead Osama??... Hhhhmmm .. Sorry folks, but Presidents lie. Its part of the job ... All I'm saying is of my young life, what I know to be fact are more often things I have seen, than those I've heard..

We've already seen what kind of backlash can develop when an athlete weighs in on the issues of politics, and specifically Osama bin Laden, this week. Rashard Mendenhall faced a wave of criticism for his tweets, whether fair or not. On Wednesday, he decided to attempt to clarify his point in a blog post, but the damage was already done.

Williams' point is he doesn't believe everything he hears. He wants to see visual proof, like many Americans. But he took it a step further with an indirect accusation that the death may be a lie. Add in the comparison to Saddam Hussein and it all seems like a misinformed, spur-of-the-moment opinion.

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So is he right, wrong or out of line for voicing his skepticism?