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2011 NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams Win NFC West

No matter where we turn, it appears the NFC West had what could be considered an average draft. Draft grades are all across the board, and though some teams did add valuable impact players, plenty of holes remain on the rosters of the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers. When SB Nation took a look at all four teams in Brian Galliford's 2011 NFL Draft grades, it was a closely-grouped bunch, with all four received evaluations in the B or C range.

The St. Louis Rams needed targets for Sam Bradford as well as help on the defensive side of the ball. With Robert Quinn, St. Louis began to address the defense before turning to the offense and drafting for need, especially at the wide receiver position. With weapons surrounding him, the sky appears to be the limit for Bradford in 2011 and beyond.

Grade: B+
But the Rams were winners on draft weekend simply because they provided depth to the team's offensive skill positions for Sam Bradford in the form of receivers Austin Pettis and Greg Salas, as well as tight end Lance Kendricks

The San Francisco 49ers went for value and found it everywhere they turned during the 2011 NFL Draft. It's unclear where first round pick Aldon Smith will fit within the system, but his talent is undeniable. Colin Kaepernick addressed a need at the quarterback spot, but the 49ers did their damage on the third day with Kendall Hunter, who may emerge as one of the better backs next season.

Grade: B
Kendall Hunter was a terrific value pick on day three at running back, and seventh-round pick Bruce Miller has some upside as a rusher, as well.

Of the three teams that needed a quarterback heading into the NFL Draft, only one addressed the position. The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals both ignored the quarterback spot, instead choosing to fill other needs through the draft. But it was the Cardinals who came away with a haul, including cornerback Patrick Peterson, running back Ryan Williams and linebacker Sam Acho.

Grade: B-
The Cardinals got good players, but the grade is lowered a bit because quarterback remains unaddressed, and Acho wasn't enough for their rush linebacker position.

The Seahawks received a C, the lowest grade of the four. An explanation of the grade can be found here.

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