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12th Man Google Map Courtesy Of Field Gulls' Danny Kelly

Field Gulls' Danny Kelly put together a 12th Man map over the weekend, and it's a brilliant idea. Fellow SB Nation blog Canal Street Chronicles decided to do it for their fanbase and Kelly imported the idea into the Seahawks world. The response has been staggering thus far. Check out the map below and visit this post to find out more about the project.

View 12th Man Worldwide in a larger map

The response has truly been outstanding. The 12th Man is all over the place, from the United States to Europe and everywhere in between. It's pretty amazing to see how far the 12th Man reaches and how broad the net cast by Field Gulls stretches.

If you haven't already, place your pin, leave your mark and pass the map along to your 12th Man friends. For more on the Seahawks and the 12th Man, head over to SB Nation's Field Gulls.