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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Will Brinson Calls Seattle Seahawks Losers For 'Zany' Picks

2011 NFL Draft grades continue to trick in and the overwhelming sentiment is negative with regards to the Seattle Seahawks picks. While the Seahawks addressed positions of significant need, they ignored the quarterback spot and will likely wait until free agency to find a capable starter. But for now, Seattle sits idly with a gaping hole on its roster, leading many pundits to hand out failing grades.

CBS Sports’ Will Brinson was perplexed by the Seahawks draft and doesn’t understand why Seattle didn’t draft a quarterback. With all-world talents such as Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick on the board in the first round, it’s a wonder the Seahawks weren’t leaping for joy and drafting a quarterback.*

*Complete sarcasm. This quarterback class was far less than amazing from top-to-bottom.

Maybe Pete Carroll’s drafts are just too "zany" for me to understand, but the James Carpenter pick strikes me as possibly the biggest reach of the first round, maybe even ahead of Jake Locker and Christian Ponder. Unless bring Matt Hasselbeck back or land another veteran QB in the offseason, it’s almost impossible to imagine them sniffing the playoffs again.

Chalk this one up as another “loser” vote from the national crowd. For those scoring at home, the Seahawks have received about two positive reviews to go along with a torrent of negative reviews. But if Seattle is able to secure a quarterback in free agency, or by way of a trade, this draft will suddenly look a whole lot better. It wouldn’t surprise me if a plan is already in place and the Seahawks’ front office is waiting for the lockout the be lifted to quickly execute it.

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