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2011 NFL Draft Results: Picks By Conference, School

Which conference was the most productive in the land when it came to producing 2011 NFL Draft picks. For college football fans, the answer shouldn't be a surprise. The SEC had the most players chosen in the NFL Draft this year, but it was a close race, with the ACC nipping at its heels. The balance of power lies on the East Coast when it comes to the NFL Draft, it seems.

After the jump, fun with numbers: NFL Draft edition. We'll look at the picks per conference, ratio of picks per team and check out how many players each Pac-10 team had drafted.

First up, picks per conference. The SEC and ACC are at the top, followed by the Pac-10. Small schools got in on the fun and were right in the middle of the pack with a respectable number of players taken.

SEC: 38
ACC: 35
Pac-10: 31
Big 12: 30.
Big Ten: 29.
Non-FBS: 25.
Big East: 21.
WAC: 16.
MWC: 10.
Conference USA: Five
MAC: Three.

And for even more fun with numbers, check out the ratios of draft picks per school for each conference. This is an area the Pac-10 did well in.

SEC 3.25
ACC 2.92
Big Ten 2.64
Big East 2.63
Big 12 2.50
WAC 1.78

Finally, the Pac-10 was well-represented in the 2011 NFL Draft as each school had a player taken. Yes, even Washington State had a player picked as Zack Williams came off the board as the final pick of the sixth round. Check out the breakdown of picks per school below, courtesy of Bob Condotta. Not surprisingly, USC leads the way, but its numbers were down this year.

Cal 4
Stanford 4
Oregon State 3
Arizona 3
Washington 2
Oregon 1
Washington State 1
Arizona State 1

It's surprising to see Oregon, the Pac-10 champion and BCS Championship runner-up, lumped in with Washington State and Arizona State. Imagine what Chip Kelly could do with a little talent down there.

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