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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Biggest Reaches Belonged To Seattle Seahawks

Reach is a dreaded word when it comes to the NFL Draft. Making picks is a mix of poker, darts and chicken as teams bluff their way through the draft and cross their fingers in hopes of having the man atop their big board available when it's time to step to the podium. But at times, teams fall in love with a player, causing them to take him well before where the analysts feel he grades out.

When evaluating and grading the 2011 NFL Draft, value is taken into consideration. Did a team reach? Did a team find a steal? For whatever reason, overall value weighs heavily in draft grades.

Unfortunately for the Seattle Seahawks, almost every pick they had in the 2011 NFL Draft was considered a reach. The Seahawks went against the grain and grabbed the player at the top of their board in accordance with the strategy formulated before the draft. Offensive linemen were first, with linebakers and defensive backs to follow. While the team was happy, many analysts were left scratching their heads.

Over at SB Nation's Mocking the Draft, the Seahawks received a terrible grade for the 2011 NFL Draft. Because the Seahawks didn't stick with perceived value, they received a D-.

The Seahawks reached on just about everyone of their selections.  I had Carpenter rated in the 3rd round and Moffitt in the 4th.  Both went a lot earlier than expected and honestly may need to be replaced several years down the road.  Both are decent players but not the type that you can plug in and forget about.  I like the Sherman pick as I think his best football is ahead of him.

It's just another set of grades, but it's disappointing to see. At this point, however, we've seen grades all across the board, from Bs to Ds. Fact of the matter is we won't know how this class pans out for years, and it may be just what the doctor ordered for Pete Carroll.

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