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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Todd McShay Likes John Moffitt, Hates Kris Durham

ESPN's Todd McShay handed out his 2011 draft grades and also singled out moves he loved and hated from each team. It seems as though McShay hated every move the Seattle Seahawks made this year, but did take the time to hand out a little praise before ripping apart the pick of Kris Durham in the fourth round.

McShay liked second-round pick John Moffitt, who fills a need on the offensive line. It's Moffitt's versatility that drew praise from McShay, as well as Seattle's commitment to fixing the line. As we know, the blocking problems up-front have been severe and are in desperate need of repair.

Seattle has drafted four offensive linemen in the first two rounds of the last three drafts, but Moffitt gives the Seahawks a solid starting guard who also brings the versatility to play center if needed.

And then came the hate. McShay simply didn't like Durham, both for his value and overall talent. When an analyst is calling a draft pick developmental, it's usually not a good sign. That's exactly what he called Durham, who played in the shadow of A.J. Green at Georgia.

Durham is a developmental wide receiver who benefited from playing alongside A.J. Green in college. Durham is a No. 3 receiver at best and may never even become that, and at No. 107 there were better options such as Edmond Gates, Greg Salas and Tandon Doss available.

It was a confusing draft for Seattle fans as Pete Carroll and John Schneider went against the grain and marched to the beat of their own drum. Seattle set its draft board and stuck to the plan, working to fill need with players the front office felt would fit the system well. Whether it works out or not remains to be seen.

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