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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Losers List Includes Seattle Seahawks

It’s never good to be grouped in with the Oakland Raiders when NFL Draft evaluations begin to roll in, but that’s exactly what’s happened to the Seattle Seahawks this year. In the first set of 2011 NFL Draft grades, the Seahawks were grouped among the losers, thanks in large part to the first two players taken. Both James Carpenter and John Moffitt were considered reaches and each should have been available later in the draft. From a talent standpoint, it seemed the Seahawks left much to be desired..

In SB Nation’s first 2011 NFL Draft grades, the Raiders and Seahawks were the big losers. But it wasn’t as bad as it seems for Seattle, though the draft did underwhelm.

Another team that will find themselves branded as losers in the 2011 NFL draft is the Seattle Seahawks. They had what I thought was a very solid 2010 draft so that’s why this class is a little surprising.

If each of Seattle’s first two picks – offensive tackle James Carpenter and guard John Moffitt – were taken a round later each, this would be a great draft. The Seahawks didn’t take a lot of high potential players in this draft. Instead, they went with low-risk, low-impact players. It’s not a bad strategy, but the picks didn’t have value.

At least the picks are seen as low-risk, but the evaluation still isn’t too encouraging. Seattle was attempting to build a foundation and dig itself out of the hole created by the previous regime, so one could rationalize these picks. Still, seeing the Seahawks reach with each pick was discouraging and without an impact player, it’s hard to get excited about the 2011 NFL Draft class.

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