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2011 NFL Draft Picks: Seattle Seahawks Have Two Seventh Round Picks Left

The Seattle Seahawks 2011 NFL Draft adventure is almost over. Barring a trade, the Seahawks have just two picks remaining in the draft, both of which will come in the seventh round. It’s been an odd third day of the NFL Draft for the Seahawks as the picks are coming in bunches by position group. After taking a linebacker and wide receiver in the fourth round, Seattle picked three-consecutive defensive backs, leaving many to wonder why the run on the position group.

Nevertheless, there is still value on the board as the seventh round approaches and the Seahawks have a chance to take a chance on a player in hopes of grabbing a steal. Will Seattle take a quarterback — Tyrod Taylor or Greg McIlroy — or will they find a late-round defensive lineman? With the way things have been going, we have no idea what to expect.

Here is the draft order for the seventh round as it stands now.

204) Green Bay (from Carolina)
205) Seattle (from Denver via Seattle)
206) Buffalo
207) Cincinnati
208) New York Jets (from Arizona)
209) Detroit (from Cleveland via Seattle)
210) Atlanta (from Detroit)
211) San Francisco
212) Tennessee
213) Washington
214) Houston
215) Minnesota
216) St. Louis
217) Washington (from Miami)
218) Miami (from Jacksonville)
219) New England (from Oakland)
220) Dallas (from San Diego)
221) New York Giants
222) Tampa Bay
223) Kansas City
224) Washington (from Indianapolis)
225) Baltimore (from Philadelphia)
226) New Orleans
227) Philadelphia (from Seattle)
228) St. Louis (from Baltimore)
229) Atlanta
230) Atlanta (from New England)
231) San Francisco (from New York Jets via Detroit)
232) Pittsburgh
233) Green Bay
234) San Diego
235) Miami
236) Minnesota
237) Philadelphia
238) Tampa Bay
239) San Francisco
240) Philadelphia
241) Oakland
242) Seattle
243) New Orleans
244) Carolina
245) Buffalo
246) Cincinnati
247) Denver
248) Cleveland
249) Arizona
250) San Francisco
251) Tennessee
252) Dallas
253) Washington
254) Houston

For more on the Seahawks and up-to-the-minute draft analysis, head over to SB Nation’s Field Gulls.

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