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NFL Draft Grades 2011: Seattle Seahawks Make Confusing Moves

At this point, we have no idea what Pete Carroll and John Schneider are doing in the Seattle war room. It seems like every pick has been a reach, and it's hard to piece together what, exactly, the two are planning. If the last three picks, spanning the fourth- and fifth-round, are any indication, the Seahawks may run-out 10 defensive backs at a time next year. With that in mind, we continue our grading journey and try to piece together what this all means.

Here's what we have for the Seahawks sixth round pick.

Sixth round, pick No. 8: Seattle Seahawks select Byron Maxwell, cornerback from Clemson
For those scoring at home, Maxwell is the third-consecutive defensive back taken by the Seahawks. All three picks spanning the fifth and sixth round were defensive backs and the Seahawks have chosen players at just four position groups in the 2011 NFL Draft: Offensive line, defensive back, wide receiver and linebacker. On its own, it's not bad, but five of the Seahawks seven picks have been either on the offensive line or in the defensive backfield. The two biggest needs, Quarterback and defensive line, have yet to be addressed. Maxwell should be able to come in and compete, but the run on defensive backs is quite confusing.
Grade: D. Was another defensive back necessary here?

The Seahawks still have two more picks left, both of which come in the seventh round.

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