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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Fifth Round Picks By Seattle Seahawks

If there were a word to describe the Seattle Seahawks it would probably be reach. Head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider are set in their ways, and seem to have tunnel-vision when it comes to picks. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, and the Seahawks seem to be focused on their guys while completely ignoring value. As a result, analysts have been hammering the Seahawks draft and it seems every single player taken has been a significant reach.

Here are the fifth round picks and grades for each.

Fifth round, pick No. 23: Seattle Seahawks select Richard Sherman, cornerback from Stanford
We've said all along the Seahawks need help at the cornerback spot, but did they need to even draft Sherman. Surely, Seattle didn't need to take him in the fifth round and it's likely he still would've been around in the seventh, if he was even drafted at all.
Grade: C+ because it's yet another reach.

Fifth round, pick No. 25: Seattle Seahawks select Mark Legree, safety from Appalachian State
I like this pick and Legree should give the Seahawks depth at the safety spot. He was a ballhawk at Appalachian State and was one of the better small-school defensive backs. In his career at Appalachian State, Legree recorded 22 interceptions, showing he can be a game-changer and has a knack for the ball. Adding a safety will ball skills in the fifth round should be considered a win.
Grade: B+ for adding value and a playmaker.

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