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2011 NFL Draft Results: Lions Trade For Seahawks Second Round Pick

The Seattle Seahawks were unable to trade down in the first round, but found more success in the second. By the time the Seahawks name came up at No. 57, they were able to pawn the pick off and trade down, handing the pick over to the Detroit Lions. The Seahawks were without a third round pick and had one shot at making a pick on the second day with pick No. 57 before trading it away to the Lions to move backwards.

The trade was more complicated than just the Seahawks moving back and picking up another pick, it appears, and, apparently, encompasses multiple rounds. Here's what we know, courtesy of Danny O'Neil.

Seattle traded its 2nd-round pick, 5th-round and 7th-rd pick for Detroit's 3rd (75), 4th (107), 5th (No. 154) and 7th (205)

So the Seahawks are back into the second round, but lost their third-round pick. Picking up a fourth-round pick is an added bonus, as well, and should make Seahawks fans happy. With more room to work with, we'll see what Pete Carroll can do here.

Many of the picks we’d seen bandied about and connected to the Seahawks were off the board and the late-second round was less than appetizing. At the quarterback spot, Ryan Mallett was still on the board, but many expect him to continue his slide. With the pick, the Lions took Mikel Leshoure, a running back out of Illinois who had been connected to Seattle at one point.

We’ll be covering the latest news and rumors throughout the entire process in our 2011 NFL Draft StoryStream. Stay with us for more on the draft as it becomes available. Check out our 2011 NFL mock draft StoryStream for even more predictions and projections. Check in with local product Mason Foster and see where he’s projected to go, as well.