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NFL Draft 2011: Live Coverage, Broadcast And Online Information

The second round of the 2011 NFL Draft is underway and your coverage options are aplenty. Once again, ESPN and NFL Network have the coverage. But the coverage differs significantly as ESPN spends its time running commercials and missing picks while NFL Network has opted for large blocks of uninterrupted coverage. Choose wisely if you’re taking in the draft.

Here is the information for coverage of Friday’s second and third rounds.

TV information: Coverage is underway on ESPN and NFL Network. You can find ESPN on any basic cable carrier while NFL Network is a bit harder to find and may only be on premium packages in your area.

Online streams: We do have good news for those without NFL Network on TV. You can find a live-stream at the NFL website here. ESPN also has coverage online, though it’s a bit more difficult to come by.

Supplemental coverage: In addition to the coverage on TV, we’ll be covering the draft in our 2011 NFL Draft StoryStream. SB Nation will also be covering every single pick over on the 2011 NFL Draft hub.

We’ll be covering the latest news and rumors throughout the entire process in our 2011 NFL Draft StoryStream. Stay with us for more on the draft as it becomes available. Check out our 2011 NFL mock draft StoryStream for even more predictions and projections. Check in with local product Mason Foster and see where he's projected to go, as well.