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VIDEO: Nick Saban Shocked James Carpenter Picked In First Round Of 2011 NFL Draft

This probably wasn't the reaction the Seattle Seahawks were hoping to see from Alabama head coach Nick Saban. As a guest of Mark Ingram, the Crimson Tide's Heisman-winning running back, Saban was in attendance at Radio City Music Hall for Thursday's first round. And when Roger Goodell announced the Seahawks had picked James Carpenter, an offensive tackle from Alabama, with the 25th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, Saban's reaction was ... well, it was priceless.

Watch the video of Saban and Ingram below and we'll explain what he's saying (via Larry Brown Sports)

That's Saban mouthing "James Carpenter was drafted in the first round?" Mark Ingram is a little more gracious and says "Did they call James? I'm happy for him."

I couldn't tell you why Saban was so shocked, but it's not a good reaction for Seattle fans. When Carpenter's college coach is questioning the wisdom of taking him in the first round, one has to be a bit nervous about the pick. It doesn't mean Carpenter was a bad choice, but he sure was unexpected.