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Jake Locker's NFL Draft Day Takes Surprising Turn With Tennesse Titans Pick

Jake Locker finds himself in a position to immediately contribute for the Tennessee Titans, who have no clear-cut answer at quarterback. Vince Young is on the outs, leaving the Titans without a franchise quarterback and a face of the team. Enter Jake Locker. While the conventional wisdom is Locker will need time to develop, he may not get in Tennessee and could be called upon to take the helm from day one.

The Titans are looking for a fresh start with a new head coach, a new attitude and, now, a new quarterback. Locker brings impeccable character and a work ethic that’s highly thought of, making him an ideal candidate to take the reigns going forward. But he does come with some questions.

While he’s nearly flawless off the field, he does have plenty of issues on the field. His accuracy has always been a problem and his mechanics, specifically his footwork, have been an issue during the draft process. While he can make plays with his feet and throw on the run, he struggles in the pocket and has not quite grasped a pro-style system. Given time, though, he may succeed.

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