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NFL Draft 2011: Pete Carroll's Clues Keep Getting Stranger

Pete Carroll is back to his tweeting ways again on Thursday, dropping NFL Draft "hints" just hours before the Seattle Seahawks make their pick. While it's a fun exercise to analyze his songs, I'm left wondering if this means anything at all. The short answer is, of course, not a chance. Or, perhaps, Carroll is just messing with the fans and throwing head-fakes to keep other teams off his trail.

But in the interest of being thorough, we're going to look at the clues he dropped today and try to find a connection. If nothing else, we have a better idea what Carroll's taste in music is.

The first set of clues can be found here. After the jump, round two.

are you thinking outside the box here?? #seahawksdraftclues

The box is the name for the front-seven on the defensive side of the ball. Jimmy Smith is a cornerback, so he could be a possibility here. Or, perhaps, he meant think outside the bun, in which case he feels like Taco Bell for lunch.

the gambler by kenny rogers .... #seahawksdraftclues

I have to think these means the Seahawks are exploring a trade. "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run." Time to run to the second round, Pete. Trade down.

the next 2 #seahawksdraftclues go together... never say never by @TheFray; "good life" by @OneRepublic #seahawksdraftclues

Suddenly, Pete Carroll gets a little romantic with The Fray and One Republic. Whoever is drafted in the first round will likely experience a good life. Never Say Never, though? Is Pete Carroll thinking about reaching for a player? Oh no, we're doomed.

happy draft day #SOTD! lose yourself by eminem #seahawksdraftclues

This is the second Eminem song Carroll has tweeted and we still have no idea what it means. The first was "Not Afraid," which didn't give us anything to work with. "Lose Yourself," on the other hand, seems to be more of a commentary on draft day. Players lose themselves in the moment and get their one shot -- a once in a lifetime opportunity. Seattle is drafting Ryan Mallett.