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Pete Carroll's 2011 NFL Draft Clues Leave Fans Scratching Their Heads

Ahead of the 2010 NFL Draft, Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll used the power of social media to drop hints about the team's big board and who they may be taking a hard look at. The clues left fans scrambling for information and provided fun, albeit pointless, insight into the process. And with just one day to go until the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Seahawks draft clues are back.

The premise is simple: Carroll tweets a song that may or may not pertain to a player. The song could be related to a player's school, skill-set or, perhaps a nickname. Or it could mean nothing at all and Carroll is getting his chuckles in while messing with the fans.

Nevertheless, we're going to take a not-so-serious look at the 2011 NFL Draft clues, as provided by Carroll.

#seahawksdraftclues! boom boom pow by black eyed peas

This is what Carroll chose to kick-off his draft clue extravaganza and I don't have a clue what this means. It could mean Mike Pouncey, who played for Florida. The Gators hired Will Muschamp, who is affectionately known as Coach Boom, during the offseason. See, I can make any facts and innuendo fit.

#seahawksdraftclues! rocky mountain high by john denver

Two guess here. It could be Nate Solder, an offensive tackle from the University of Colorado. Or it could be Ryan Mallett, who has been unable to shake rumors of drug use. I'm inclined to go with Mallett, who was rumored to be Rocky Mountain High quite a bit in college.

#seahawksdraftclues! 2 legit 2 quit by MC hammer

Corey Liuget, whose last name is pronounced "legit." This is too easy, Pete.

the latest in the #seahawksdraftclues.... i'm alright by kenny loggins... caddyshack theme song

I'm stumped here. He mentioned Caddyshack, so I thought Gopher, but there's no top-flight prospects from the University of Minnesota.

third in the afternoon trio of #seahawksdraftclues: "danger zone" from top gun

This could mean a trade. The end of the first round is, in fact, a danger zone. Perhaps he wants to get out of it. Maybe the Seahawks are looking at a risky prospect with the No. 25 pick. Or, perhaps, Carroll wants to play shirtless beach volleyball.

more #seahawksdraftclues... eminem's not afraid

Seems like we're leaning towards a risky prospect, which could be anyone in the latter portions of the first round. Anyone from Detroit?

In summary, we have no clue what these mean, but have a feeling Pete Carroll is laughing at us all while finding excuses to post music videos. We'll find out on Thursday at the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft kicks off in New York.