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2011 NFL Draft And NFL Lockout Roundup: Seattle Seahawks Edition

The NFL Draft is just two days away and there's a ton of news on the NFL front. Monday brought a ruling on the NFL lockout, leaving us with more questions than answers. On Tuesday, these questions are still unanswered, and a pseudo-lockout is still in place. It's a confusing time for players and fans, but we're continuing to soak up information and break it down in understandable terms.

And, of course, with the draft closing in, we have projections, predictions and mock drafts. There's a ton of information to parse on the draft front, and these links should take care of your Seahawks needs for now. In addition to the excellent work done by Danny Kelly at Field Gulls, we'll be continuing to update the latest draft developments here at SB Nation Seattle.

After the jump, all the links you can handle.

NFL Draft Sleeper Picks -- Jeff Maehl and a bevy of Pac-10 players are featured. Looking for that late-round talent or the guy that may have slipped off the radar? Look no further.

NFL Lockout Update -- Vasilii breaks down what may happen with the NFL lockout on Tuesday. It's in layman's terms as he tries to cut through the lawyer-speak for the common fan.

NFL Lockout Ruling And What It Means -- Vasilii also took a look at the initial ruling from Judge Susan Nelson, explaining it in much simpler terms. He goes through what the ruling means for both sides and what the future may hold for the NFLPA and owners.

NFL Lockout Lifted, But Seahawks Still Can't Get Into VMAC -- We'll be back with more on this shortly, but a few Seahawks tried to get into the VMAC on Tuesday and we're unable to. The lights were on, but nobody was home, leaving Deon Butler and others on the outside looking in.

Jake Locker Projections and Seattle Seahawks Mock Drafts -- Shameless self promotion, but we have both of our local StoryStreams up and running. We'll continue to update Seahawks projections and predictions for Jake Locker ahead of Thursday's first round.