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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks Make A Trade In Latest Projections

If the rumors are to be believed, the Seattle Seahawks are trying to get out of the first round and have been actively shopping the No. 25 pick in this week’s NFL Draft. At No. 25, the Seahawks are in a bit of a jam, not high enough to get an impact player and without many appealing first-round candidates left. If the Seahawks are able to trade down, it’s likely they will.

In the latest from SB Nation, the Seahawks make a trade, heading out of the first round and into the early second round. The Seahawks would receive two picks from the Philadelphia Eagles, according to the SB Nation mock draft: No. 35 overall (from CIN via PHI), No. 85 overall (third round).

Here’s where it gets interesting. Brian Galliford has the Eagles drafting Jimmy Smith, who’s also been a rumored target of the Seahawks. Would Seattle pass up the chance at Smith to trade into the second round?

Philadelphia Eagles (f/SEA): Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado. Again, Philly likes to move up and down the board, and word is the Seahawks would like to move out of the first round. Here, they’d get an early second-round pick (originally Cincinnati’s) and an extra third, while Philly, through their two trades, would move up 19 spots in the third round and still get their guy in Jimmy Smith.

The reasoning is sound, as is the rest of the 20111 NFL mock draft. Check it out and get educated as the 2011 NFL Draft approaches. While everything is subject to change in the next three days, it provides a good overview of the draft and which players may end up where on Thursday.

For more on the draft, stay with our 2011 NFL mock draft StoryStream. Be sure to head over to SB Nation’s 2011 NFL Draft hub for the latest news, including mock drafts, rumors and projections.