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2011 NFL Draft: Seattle Seahawks Formulate Draft Strategy

The 2011 NFL Draft is make or break for teams, even more than it has been in the past. With the NFL lockout in full-swing, and with no end in sight, teams are forced to move forward with the inability to sign free agents, make trades or proceed with the typical NFL offseason. This year, more than ever, draft strategy is crucial, especially for the Seattle Seahawks, who face uncertainties at some of their biggest positions of need.

The Seahawks have a clear need at quarterback, with Matt Hasselbeck stuck in a holding pattern and Charlie Whitehurst as the only viable option on the roster. While there are quarterbacks that should be available in the 2011 NFL Draft, it’s unclear which would fit Seattle’s mold and who will be available by the No. 25 pick. Field Gulls sat down with Dave Razzano to gather his thoughts on the Seahawks strategy, including what the team may do with that first round pick and whether a quarterback is a viable option.

Would grab Locker in a minute but they will have to trade up. He never gets out of top 20 picks. Would not touch Ryan Mallett. Someone will become enamored with his rocket arm. Immobile guys who are "shady " like he is would not interest me in any round.
Anyway, Kaepernick is another QB I feel will be very successful. Everyone is targeting for round two. He will go either late one or early two.

But quarterback isn’t the only need the Seahawks have to address in the 2011 NFL Draft. In addition to the uncertainty under center, the Seahawks need help on both the offensive and defensive line. Razzano has his eyes on a sleeper at defensive tackle, and Pete Carroll’s ties to USC may play a role.

As for DT’s, it will be interesting to see if Pete Carroll has big interest in a player I feel is being completely overlooked early, DT Jurrell Casey of USC. Looks like a Casey Hampton (Steelers) clone. Short and compact, very strong and explosive, high effort.

Razzano also had a sleeper name on the offensive side of the ball, though he admits the Seahawks offensive line is in much better shape than the defensive line. If Seattle does go with an offensive lineman in the first round, it could be an athletic big-man from Indiana.

If they decide to go with an OT in the first round a name to remember is James Brewer of Indiana. This former basketball player is a bit off the radar but, believe me, scouts and OL coaches know all about this guy.

Check out Razzano’s full interview over at Field Gulls for a look at the draft process and a few names to keep an eye on. With the draft approaching, the Seahawks are putting the finishing touches on their board and preparing for a hectic few days. If you’re looking for a head-start, be sure to head over to Field Gulls, where Danny Kelly has been meticulous in his draft work.

For more on the draft, stay with our 2011 NFL Draft StoryStream in the days leading up to next Thursday’s first round coverage.