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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Leonard Hankerson A Second Round Projection For Seattle Seahawks

As the 2011 NFL Draft draws closer, we're beginning to look away from the first round and deeper into the draft. At this point in the process, we know most every potential first round pick and have a good idea where they may end up. But the task becomes more difficult looking past the first round as the prospects become lesser-known and under-the-radar guys suddenly rise to prominence. Though it's fun to take a look at various 2011 NFL mock drafts that encompass all seven rounds, it may not be particularly helpful.

While the spotlight has been on the first round, the Seahawks could still find plenty of value in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft. One such value pick would help bolster Seattle's oft-maligned receiver corp: Leonard Hankerson of the Miami Hurricanes. Hankerson could make an immediate impact, and join Golden Tate in what's becoming a youthful bunch of receivers. SB Nation projected Hankerson to Seattle in the second round in its latest 2011 NFL mock draft.

57. Seattle Seahawks: Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami (FL). No matter who is at QB next year, teaming Hankerson with Mike Williams and Golden Tate is a huge upgrade.

Unlike Tate and Deon Butler, Hankerson is a big target more in the mold of Mike Williams. In that regard, he may be a bit of a redundant pick, but the talent is there. Is receiver a huge area of need for the Seahawks, though? For my money, Seattle has areas of glaring need that should be addressed in the draft before the receiver spot, including defensive line, offensive line and even the secondary.

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