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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Mallett The Seahawks Pick In Blog Draft

SB Nation has been running a full 2011 NFL mock draft, but doing so in a unique way over the past few weeks. Instead of one person throwing picks together, the SB Nation NFL blog writers are playing a giant game of crowd sourcing, with each team's blogger making picks along the way. What better way to draft than having writers and fans who follow their respective teams extensively?

It's led to some interesting picks along the way, but has been a fun idea to see put into practice. When it came time for the Seattle Seahawks to pick, Field Gulls editor Danny Kelly stepped up to the plate and chose a familiar face to those who have been following various mock drafts. Ryan Mallett is the pick as Kelly spurned Jake Locker and went with the potential and upside the Arkansas quarterback posses.

Ultimately the upside of Ryan Mallett is too much to pass up. The character concerns are there but widely unsubstantiated, and Mallett is a good fit for the direction the Seahawks want to go in. Most scouts rate his arm in the top 10 range, but Mallett will fall due to off-field and character concerns. The Seahawks' front office has shown a willingness to take a chance on these types of issues, and will see Mallett at No. 25 as a good value

The full write-up and a rebuttal from Dan Kadar can be found over at Mocking the Draft.

We've seen Mallett connected to Seattle quite a bit from the beginning of the process, but concerns about his character and accuracy have persisted throughout. While it's true the Seahawks need a quarterback, and perhaps sooner rather than later, finding one in the 2011 NFL Draft class is a task in itself. Outside of the top-two quarterback -- Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert -- the class is filled with question marks and risks. It's a minefield and the Seahawks would be wise to be wary of choosing a quarterback.

For more on the Seahawks and the draft, head over to SB Nation's Field Gulls. For more on the draft, stay with our 2011 NFL mock draft StoryStream.