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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Pouncey, Jimmy Smith Or Jake Locker For Seattle Seahawks

The list of names the Seattle Seahawks could take with the 25th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft continues to narrow, giving us a clearer picture of what direction head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider may go when the Seahawks step to the podium. The Seahawks needs are well documented and include a quarterback, interior offensive line help, defensive line depth and a boost in the secondary. Mel Kiper bit the bullet with his latest 2011 NFL mock draft, projecting the Seahawks will take Washington quarterback Jake Locker. But he's also run the gamete, linking Ryan Mallett and Mike Pouncey to Seattle, as well.

Over at Walter Football, the updated 2011 NFL mock draft gives the Seahawks three different choices in the first round, each addressing a need. None of the three, however, are a quarterback, with Locker and Mallett completely ignored. With Kiper linking Locker to the Seahawks, it seems even more likely now that Seattle will grab one of the top-four quarterbacks in the drafts.

Here's a look at the Walter Football projections. Jimmy Smith, a cornerback out of Colorado, is the pick and a name we've seen connected to Seattle often. The alternatives include a new name: Justin Houston, a defensive end out of Georgia.

1. Mike Pouncey, G - The Seahawks really need to improve their interior blocking. Mike Pouncey is the top guard in this class.

2. Justin Houston, DE - Chris Clemons had a great year, but can the Seahawks really rely on him to produce sacks?

Which direction will the Seahawks go? It's anyone's guess at this point, but it does appear Seattle will choose from one of four positions. Draft day is fluid, as well, forcing the team to adjust at a moment's notice depending on which players are available at No. 25.

So far, the draft is looking clear as mud when it comes to nailing down a name for the Seahawks.

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