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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mike Pouncey At No. 25, Ryan Mallett A Second Rounder For Seattle Seahawks

As the 2011 NFL Draft gets closer, many mock drafts are expanding, including the second round in addition to the typical first round projections we’ve seen over the past few months in the buildup to the draft.

If Chad Reuter’s latest mock draft plays out on draft day, Seahawks fans just may end up happy. In the first round, Reuter has the Seahawks addressing a serious need with talent, but not the one we’ve been accustomed to seeing. Instead of a quarterback, Reuter has offensive guard/center Mike Pouncey heading to Seattle at No. 25, a name we’ve seen bandied about before. Rang notes having Max Unger and Pouncey around gives the Seahawks versatility, with both able to play either guard or center.

For those desperately seeking a quarterback, never fear. Reuter addresses that with the Seahawks’ second round pick with a player that may just slip out of the first round. Reuter projects Ryan Mallett, another name we’ve seen connected to the Seahawks as a first-round pick, may fall into the second round, giving the Seahawks to snatch him up with the 57th pick. He compares Mallett to another player that watched teams pass him by in the 2010 NFL Draft, noting the Arkansas quarterback may face the same fate.

Jimmy Clausen fell into the mid-second round last year, and Mallett could have a similar wait to hear his name called.

If the Seahawks came away with help on the offensive line and at the quarterback spot with their first two picks, fans should be thrilled. The best case may, in fact, be the one Reuter outlined. As we know, draft day is wildly unpredictable, but his projections should ave Seahawks’ fans excited.

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