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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jake Locker, Seattle Seahawks Still Connected Ahead Of NFL Draft

Quarterbacks seem to be a recurring theme for the Seattle Seahawks as the 2011 NFL Draft nears. Seemingly every 2011 NFL mock draft connects one of the top-five quarterbacks to the Seahawks, whether it be Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett or Christian Ponder. This late in the game, it seems to be a near-certainty Seattle will use the 25th pick in the draft on a quarterback, though plenty of options remain available and the draft is always a fluid event.

SB Nation is back with its latest 2011 NFL mock draft and the pick should be a familiar one. Jake Locker is, once again, connected to the Seahawks, filling a need for Pete Carroll’s offense. It’s the familiarity with Locker that has Brian Galliford convinced Seattle will make a run at him — Carroll coached at USC against him while Steve Sarkisian, a former USC assistant, coached Locker at Washington.

Seattle Seahawks: Jake Locker, QB, Washington. Lately, the Seahawks have taken up the mantle of “that team that’s connected to every quarterback, ever.” As it seems unlikely that they’ll be acquiring one pre-draft, taking a local product that Pete Carroll is familiar with makes sense.

With the draft a month away, mock drafters will continue to zero-in on the picks, and it’s likely Locker’s name will be a popular one. Individual workouts are in progress and teams will be putting him through the gauntlet as the draft nears.

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