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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Jake Locker To Miami Dolphins The Latest Projection

Jake Locker jumped from out of the first round to the first-half of the round in the latest 2011 NFL mock draft after a solid NFL Combine performance over the weekend. Locker showed off his athleticism and improved accuracy during Sunday's workouts, drawing praise from scouts and players alike. With the momentum gained at the Combine, Locker is back in action after falling off the boards following a disappointing Senior Bowl week.

Over at SB Nation, Locker is the No. 15 pick in the latest 2011 NFL mock draft, heading to the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins lack a long-term solution at quarterback -- unless you believe in Chad Henne -- and Locker would have a chance to jump in after using some much-needed development time.

At some point, a smart team will roll the dice on Jake Locker's intangibles and physical talents. Miami is a logical landing spot, as Locker won't be pressed into immediate duty, allowing Brian Daboll time to work out his footwork issues.

It's almost too hard to ignore the rock-solid character and physical tools Locker possesses. Because of his ability to impress during the interview process, perhaps more-so than on the field, it seems likely someone will take a chance on Locker in the first round. His work ethic and character are both unquestioned, offsetting any potential flaws in his mechanics.

If a team thinks it can coach him up, and that he'll be receptive to the teachings, it's likely Locker stays in the first round when the 2011 NFL Draft rolls around. At the Combine, he showed improvement after intensive training with a bona-fide quarterbacks coach following the Senior Bowl, perhaps signaling that some of those flaws can be fixed. 

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