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NFL Lockout 2011: New York Jets Coaches Forced To Take Paycuts, Furloughs

Roger Goodell isn’t the only person taking a paycut now that an NFL lockout has begun. While Goodell made the choice to cut his salary to $1, other league personnel aren’t so lucky. NFL Films, and other staffers have already had their salaries reduced, with further cuts expected as the lockout drags on.

In addition to league personnel, coaches are also feeling the effects of the lockout already. The New York Jets announced its coaching staff will take mandatory furloughs and 25 percent paycuts for the duration of the lockout in an attempt to cut costs. And the Jets won’t be the only team forced to take such measures (via Manish Mehta).

#Jets confirm furloughs & coaches’ 25 percent paycuts are in effect now that lockout has commenced. #nfl #nyj. #NYJ on furlough/paycuts:“Our plans are in effect. This is a fluid situation. We will obviously be evaluating our approach as events unfold.”

Jets owner Woody Johnson, like Robert Kraft and other owners, added he was confident a deal would get done without football being interrupted this season.

You’ll see this across the league as the lockout drags on as teams try to cut down on spending while bracing for the possibility of missed games. With a work stoppage in place, revenue streams will slow, if not dry up entirely. Judge David Doty’s decision to freeze the league’s television revenue in the event of a work stoppage takes away the owners’ insurance policy, as well, making the cost-cutting measures necessary.

From top to bottom, everyone in the league is affected by the lockout. Players are on unemployment — though little sympathy is expected for the top-earners — owners are claiming poverty and the league personnel, those that make the whole show work, are facing mandatory paycuts.

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