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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Ryan Mallett, Seattle Seahawks Together In Sports Illustrated Mock

In his last 2011 NFL mock draft, Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks went local, pegging Jake Locker as the Seattle Seahawks pick at No. 25. The Seahawks quarterback needs are clear, and Locker fits the need wel

But this time around, Banks has changed course in his latest 2011 NFL mock draft. Banks still likes a quarterback for the Seahawks, but with Locker moving up in his draft, the pick has changed. It’s all about Ryan Mallett for Banks, who pegged the Arkansas quarterback as the Seahawks pick in his latest mock draft.

Mallett should let his right arm do all the talking, because it continues to make a first-round case for itself better than his mouth. After sparkling in the passing drills in Indy, he followed it up with another strong showing at the Arkansas pro day Tuesday

It’s almost impossible to compare Locker and Mallett as prospects, with each bringing a different skill-set to the table. Locker is all about being athletic and mobile, throwing on the run or taking off down-field. Mallett, on the other hand, is a statue, running the 40-yard dash slower than most defensive lineman and generally not displaying eye-popping athleticism. But what Mallett lacks in foot-speed, he makes up for with arm-strength that’s second-to-none in the draft class.

Character issues aside, Mallett has the ability to make all the throws, though his accuracy tends to suffer, as well. If he can solve some of the issues between his ears, including cutting down on mistakes and limiting turnovers, Mallett could be a serviceable starter quickly in the NFL. If Locker isn’t available, it’s likely the Seahawks at least take a look in the first round, though the team has plenty of options to choose from.

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