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Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Bud Light, Doritos Win USA Today Ad Meter Rankings Again

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The masses said one thing on Sunday, but USA Today's Ad Meter said another about the Super Bowl commercials. While the Chrysler 200, Volkswagen Darth Vader and Volkswagen Black Beetle commercials all generated significant buzz and increased traffic to each car manufactures website, it was the same old story as far as winners go according to USA Today. Once again, the lowest common-denominator rules, with Bud Light, Pepsi Max and Doritos generating the most positive feedback.

According to the Ad Meter survey, the Doritos pug commercial and Bud Light dog sitter spot brough in the best ratings during the survey, unofficially making each winners. You can see the ads here and marvel at the genius of them all -- if there were anything redeeming about either commercial.

So which wins? The same, tired commercials from Bud Light and others or the car commercials that didn't stoop to low-levels for cheap laughs? After a while, there has to be a point where the same types of Super Bowl commercials get old and the public gets tired of the same brands dominating the landscape with the same commercials. To me, this year felt like that point.

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